We know that the majority of literary magazine readers are writers. So we have created a publication catered to our fellow writers who want their work read and celebrated. The editorial staff does not expect prior publication history or any other credentials. We are guided by untrained literary appreciation, so we welcome risk-taking and form-bending fiction, even if it isn’t perfect. In fact, you will probably find a number of imperfect stories here by the editorial staff because though we are avid editors and readers, at the end of the day we are fellow writers. 

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Ross McWaters founded McCoy’s Monthly on a whim while working as a landscaper following his graduation from Georgia State University. Now, after getting married and traveling he works as a freelance writer.

Managing Editor

Christian Waltermire, while finishing his degree at Georgia State University, spends the majority of his time consuming vast quantities of equal parts pretentious literature, Johnny Walker Black, and wasted time. He joined McCoy’s shortly after its inception at the behest of its founder and assists in story selection in addition to editing and formatting.


Kat Denney, like her name suggests, is much like a stray kitten found on a dirt road - lovable, streetwise, a bit feral, and friggin cute as hell. She joined McCoy in July of 2021 due to her love of words and stories. She greatly enjoys writing about the winos and crackheads that she works with on a daily basis at her scrap yard and pretending like she isn’t addicted to nicotine.