Submission Guidelines:

Here at McCoy's, we encourage authors of all backgrounds to submit their best fiction. We do not discourage any particular genre, technique, style, or method of fiction. Stories can be set in far-away universes, or they can be written in roman á clef style. The writing we want is unique to the author that sends it, and that means it can be experimental, traditional, or anything in between as long as it is original. If you intend to submit, please take a moment to subscribe in the banner at the bottom of the page; it's free. Use some time to read our growing archive. Take some time to imagine your work published alongside the other writers.

There are no hard and fast word counts that we seek. If the writing is good, we'll be happy to publish it, no matter how short or long the piece is. We want submissions that are polished, proofread, and intentional. For ease of reading your submission, please adhere to standard manuscript format, which can be found here

Because of our staff's limited time, we are not able to respond to each submission we receive. Feel free to inquire about the status of your submission after four weeks have passed. We will do our best to get back to you if you inquire. However, if you haven't heard anything from us after two months or longer, we have decided not to publish your piece. If we choose to purchase your story, we will be purchasing exclusive rights for three months. That means that we have the right to publish the story first, and for the three months after publication, the story cannot be published elsewhere. After three months, the rights revert to you. We do not purchase ownership of your work, only the right to publish it first. That said, we do not accept previously published work. We compensate our writers $20 per piece. 

Instead of paying for a submission manager, we ask that submissions be sent to Subject lines should read FICTION SUBMISSION. Please include the story in a PDF or Word document. Stories must be the original work of the author. No translations unless you are both the author and the translator. We accept simultaneous submissions. We read submissions year-round.